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There are many ways we humans avoid being here. We resist what is, we evade what we’re feeling, we deflect who we are and who we might become. To help break through these avoidances, Sufi teachers have often prescribed to their students unusual tasks or out-of-the-ordinary challenges that have the power to disrupt routines and reveal unexpected insight and transformation. These tasks are called chilla. A chilla is essentially an adventure in being here. It is an experience you take on willingly and wholeheartedly — a chilla is never obligatory or forced. Some chillas take only a few minutes to accomplish, others may take hours, days, even years. Often chillas are given by a teacher, but they may also be given by oneself or through an oracular process similar to throwing the I Ching or opening a book at random to find guidance. In this year’s Living Sufism program we will take a deep dive into the experience of chilla. Each session will begin a month-long adventure in which we will be challenged to open beyond habitual patterns and ways of experiencing our lives. During our on-line sessions — scheduled on the last Sunday of every month — a senior teacher of the Sufi Way will introduce a theme and invite us to engage with one or more chillas on that theme during the coming month. In the following on-line session, that same teacher will open up the microphones to whomever wishes to share their experience with the month’s chilla. And then the subsequent month’s theme and chillas will be given. Debriefing can be an important part of the chilla process. Because of the constraints of time during our sessions, a number of teachers of the Sufi Way will be available for individual telephone or email debriefing of your chilla experiences. If you wish to connect with one of them after you have engaged with your chilla, you can find their email addresses, with a short bio, on the Guides page. If you wish to speak with one of the guides by phone, just send them an email and arrange a convenient time for a call or a Skype/Zoom meeting. You will also find on this website the recording of each month’s chilla presentation, plus the chillas, and other resources for that month. One last point: you are also most welcome to listen in on any of this year’s Living Sufism sessions without engaging in the suggested chillas. As you will see in the list of sessions below, the themes we will be exploring are relevant for all of us at any period in our lives. Considering them in depth, and listening to how others engage with them, is in itself an adventure in being here and in our uncommon communion together.
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 PLEASE READ: Chilla tasks and practices are suggestions for activities that are educational in nature, designed and offered to deepen your experience and add meaning to your life. They are not a replacement for any form of self-care or treatment. You know your abilities and limitations best. Regardless of what may be said in chilla presentations and discussions, please carefully consider your personal circumstances as you choose to participate. You are responsible for any consequences of participation in chilla activities.
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What is it?
The Living Sufism teleconference consists of sessions accessed either by telephone or without any expense through a computer. Sessions last from an hour to an hour and a quarter. Each session is held on an interactive conferencing service called “MaestroConference,” which gives us the flexibility to take questions, as well as break into small groups. When is it? The Living Sufism calls are scheduled on Sundays, approximately every four weeks, from October, 2018 to June, 2019. Call times are: 9:00 AM Pacific, 10:00 AM Mountain, 11:00 AM Central, 12:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM UK, and 6:00 PM EU. (PLEASE NOTE: The first session, on Sunday, October 28, 2018 takes place just after the time change in UK & EU and so it will be an hour earlier in those time zones just on that day.) Who are the presenters? The 8 presenters of the Living Sufism series are senior teachers and guides of the Sufi Way. You can find more information about them on the Guides page. Who can join these calls? Anyone who is interested. What does it cost? There is no charge for participating in the Living Sufism teleconference. However, if you find this program is of value to you, please consider donating to the Sufi Way (www.sufiway.org) so that we can continue offering programs like this. Donate here. What do I need to access the calls? You can access the conversation easily through a telephone. This is the best option, but you will be charged for long distance or international calls. Ways to call in with no charge: 1) on your computer, click on the link embedded in the words "your computer" which you'll find under the phone number in your reminder email; or 2) call in using Skype (add Maestro4294 to your contacts at least 72 hours before your first call). Will the calls be recorded? Yes. The presentations are edited to delete any long silences or personal issues, and then posted on the Sufi Way website (www.sufiway.org) under Programs > Living Sufism Audio Archives on the menu bar. How do I register? To register for the entire year-long program, click on the button below. Fill in your name and email address where indicated, and then click on “Register.” That’s all — you will be registered for the entire year of calls. You can also register anytime after the series begins. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email from MaestroConference with the phone number to call, along with your PIN. You will also receive an email reminder from MaestroConference 24 hours and 2 hours prior to each call. That email will also include the telephone number to dial and your PIN.