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 The information below will help you locate a guide to correspond or speak with about your chillas, if you wish to do so. Several of our guides speak multiple languages. All speak English. ﷯ USA - Mountain timezone Carol@SufiWay.org Please schedule via email USA - Pacific time zone ishafana@gmail.com tel: 1-716-861-5858 Skype ID: isha786fana UK - London time zone suzanneinayatkhan@gmail.com Skype ID: suzanneinayatkhan France - EU time zone kunderke@gmail.com tel: 0033 4 907 504 26 Skype ID: Kunderke Languages: English, Dutch USA - Eastern time zone puranlp@gmail Skype ID: puranlp USA - Paific time zone kiransrana@gmail.com 510-393-6963 Skype ID: k1rana22 Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, 
Punjabi, fair Dutch Tuesdays & Fridays best UK - London time zone sabahraphaelreed@gmail.com +44(0)7734910740 (mobile) +44(0)1179423620 (landline) Skype ID: lynnraphaelreed53 Spain - EU time zone binahtaylor@gmail.com 447450206364 (WhatsApp or FaceTime), 0034 958 836 785 (landline) Skype ID: Binah Taylor Netherlands - EU time zone Muvaleton@gmail.com landline +31 (0) 72 5818779; gms: +31 (0)6 51250493 Laguages English, Dutch Switzerland - EU time zone tel: +41 78 7765352 lichtael@icloud.com Languages: italian, german, french, english  ﷯Elias Amidon Elias Amidon is the spiritual director (Pir) of the Sufi Way. He teaches and holds retreats on nondual spirituality and Sufism throughout Europe and the United States, and is known for his direct and experiential approach to spiritual realization. Pir Elias is the author of The Open Path: Recognizing Nondual Awareness and Free Medicine: Meditations on Nondual Awakening. ﷯Carol Barrow Carol fell in love with the teachings of the Sufi Way during a wilderness quest led by Pir Elias in 2004. Today, in addition to assisting with Sufi Way communications, she facilitates on-line groups focused on creativity, pure listening, and the Open Path. She lives in Colorado with her husband and her dogs, Dharma and Rumi. ﷯Isha Francis Isha has been engaged with the work of the Sufi Way and the Open Path since first meeting Pir-o-Murshid Fazal Inayat-Khan in 1972. He lived and worked with Murshid Fazal in Europe and the US, and upon his passing, continued in the work with his successor Murshida Sitara Brutnell and with the current Pir of the Sufi Way and founder and leader of the Open Path, Elias Amidon. ﷯Suzanne Inayat-Khan Suzanne is an Open Path guide and a senior teacher in the Sufi Way. She is an ordained interfaith minister and social activist within her local community in the East of England. With her husband Omar, Suzanne leads gatherings, retreats and workshops in the UK and The Netherlands, exploring ways of opening to a natural awareness through music, creativity, meditation and Sufi practices. ﷯Kunderke Noverraz I love the beauty and sparkle of my life and at the same time feel close to its transitory nature. Getting older and living through a serious illness have affected me deeply in ways that I now consider valuable and transformative; I can no longer look at myself through the same familiar identifications with which I comforted myself before. New perspectives have opened and in them I recognise much of what I had been learning about in my life-long journey as a student and teacher of Universal Sufism. ﷯Puran Lucas Perez Puran has been learning, teaching, deepening, guiding on the path of the Sufi Way in Europe and North America for almost 50 years. His focus continues to be the development of transformational awareness through creativity and the refinement of consciousness in everyday life. He lives in the Hudson Valley, NY where he leads a Sufi Way center. You can find a collection of his creative work at puranperez.com ﷯Kiran Rana Murshid Kiran Rana is a senior teacher in the Sufi Way, a Sufi order that is in the lineage of universal Sufism first introduced in the West in 1910 by the Indian mystic Inayat Khan. He has been a practicing Sufi for over 40 years and has experience with teaching and guiding students. Kiran lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife, Jeanne Rana. At the Bay Dervish center in Alameda they hold monthly Sufi conversations and gatherings for zikr, Sufi qawwali and worship, and share approaches to the inner life, creativity and awakening. In addition, Kiran teaches a yearly online webinar called A Taste of Sufism and, with Jeanne, is leading a six-month-long program in Berkeley called Sufism & the Art of Living. ﷯Sabah Raphael Reed Sabah has been a traveller on the Sufi Way and Open Path since 2012. She is a celebrant, poet, healer, lover, mother and friend. Sabah enjoys facilitating creative and contemplative co-enquiry groups – including recently an exploration of Sophia Wisdom and currently a creative enquiry into the Tree of Life. 
 ﷯Binah Taylor I was first introduced to Sufism in 1974 through my involvement in the Kabbalistic tradition. In early 1976 I was initiated by Pir-o-Murshid Fazal Inayat Khan at Four Winds, where I lived until the community dissolved some three years later; after which a small group of us relocated to California. It was there I raised my two children, returning to the UK in 2000. I am deeply grateful for the guidance of the Sufi Way in teaching me about love, openness and friendship – and so much more. A wanderer by inclination I have lived and worked in three continents, often positioned at the margins and always at the activist edge, whether challenging racism or promoting gender equality. Currently I divide my time between Spain and the UK where I continue to practice psychotherapy and deliver supervision and training. ﷯Umtul Valeton-Kiekens Umtul Valeton-Kiekens has been with the Sufi Way for over 40 years. During her working life she spend many years in the field of publishing. At present she does translations from English to Dutch, and writes essays and poetry. She lives near Bergen in North Holland, where she leads a Sufi Way center focusing on nondual aspects of Sufism. Gives personal healing and counseling sessions and as fanatic gardener, she feels her garden is where the love she experiences from within manifests as beauty outside. ﷯Michael Wenger Michael grew up in Switzerland and had a brief career as an avant-garde actor in Paris and New York. In 1990, attracted by Bob Hoffman’s “Quadrinity Process, ” he co-founded and directed the Hoffman Institute in Milan. His spiritual life has been shaped by exposure to many non-dual teachers, and he currently works with groups and individuals in Italy, Switzerland and other countries.