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 Binah Taylor Pathfinding Our path in life no longer fits and we want to shift, but feel stuck. Or we face a situation where our path is no longer viable, calling for radical change – it could be a relationship ending, the death of a loved one, losing a job, a life changing health condition…. With such imminent upheaval we may be overwhelmed and immobilised. Even if the path feels right and steady, a fresh approach may be needed to ascertain more deeply its meaning and what it asks of us. How do we make the shift, find a new way? Pathfinding begins when we respond to the call of the unknown. It requires us to act intuitively and courageously in the face of uncertainty. When we activate our Pathfinder we create possibilities and resources to work through fear and light the way. This month we shall be exploring the energy of pathfinding to open ourselves if a new path presents itself and see where it takes us. ﷯ Umtul Valeton-Kiekens Purification By doing purification practices we can bring our awareness back to our hearts, to our essential nature. We may feel the need for this when we wish to let go of excessive self-preoccupations or when we are so affected by the demands of life that our thoughts overwhelm us and rule our actions. Purification techniques are the basis of all spiritual exercises; they precede meditation and absolute stillness. They can therefore help us to find self-healing, both physically and mentally. During this month you are invited to engage with practices of purification of a gradually increasing degree of intensity. ﷯ Kiran Rana Asking for Help Asking for help connects us as humans, makes us part of the lifesaving exchange of giving and taking care. As babies and small children, and again toward the end of our lives, we need help and ask for it through the very vulnerability of our being. As adults, however, we often have difficulty showing we need help. Although in some ways we expect and get help every day, most of us have struggles that we hide or don’t see clearly. Knowing when we need help takes insight, asking takes courage. And if we are under long-term stress, getting help for ourselves helps those around us too. In chillas this month, let’s see if we can recognize and ask openly for the help we want and need. ﷯ Isha Francis Listening I'm surrounded by sound but I'm not really listening. Where I've been, where I'm going next occupies me. I don't hear a thing. There is an art to listening. In this month's chilla adventure, we will practice that art. ﷯
 Kunderke Noverraz Living with Dying We tend to see life and death in stark opposition and fearing death we try to banish it from our awareness. Yet, living and dying are the two sides of the gift of life, we cannot have the one without the other. During this month we will each explore what death can teach us about living and life can teach us about dying. ﷯ Puran Lucas Perez Metamorphing
Becoming who you are Like the astonishing caterpillar to butterfly transformation, metamorphing is the ongoing process through which a person awakens to her deepest self, frees himself to be who he truly is, and so on. But in human metamorphosis, there is not a final point, metamorphing becomes one’s modus operandi. In our chilla adventure this month we will activate this process through discovering and integrating the deeper stories we are living. There is guidance and wisdom to be found: peeking through the fabric of our daily lives, embedded in the situations we experience. Can we detect this guidance, and how do we mine this wisdom? Sufis tell us... by engaging the creative power of contemplative imagination. ﷯ Elias Amidon Wildness The wildness that is the theme of this month’s adventure is the wildness of the unexpected and the unplanned, of breaking through the tameness of our minds and behavior. We two-leggeds have evolved within the wild order of nature and its wildness has lessons for us. Inviting a bit of wildness in our lives may be risky but it holds the promise of our getting in touch with raw spirit and the creativity it inspires. ﷯ Suzanne Inayat-Khan Beyond Separation: Releasing the mind and connecting with body wisdom It is in the mind that we create and maintain a sense of separation from our environment, from other beings, from our experience of The Divine and also, from our own nature, our ground of being. This ability of the mind to define and separate has a vital function in creating and maintaining a sense of self but for the spiritual seeker, separation is the very thing we long to surrender. We cannot free the mind by using the mind. But we can at times release ourselves and turn to other sources of guidance, particularly, aspects of body wisdom such as intuition, feelings and somatic awareness. This month we will experience our own body wisdom, and in so doing, open ourselves to a more intimate and inclusive way of being. ﷯
 Elias Amidon the Adventure continues (Text coming soon)