The programs, retreats, and administration of the Sufi Way occur in a number of beautiful places in Europe and the United States. As we sometimes say, we are a caravan of wayfarers — we raise our tents in different places, share and listen, pray and sing together, and then move on. Sometimes we journey farther afield together — over the years we have gone on pilgrimage to the mountains of northern India, to the tribal villages of Thailand, to Sufi gatherings in Turkey, and to ancient monasteries in Syria.


TourlyTourly is an estate in the French countryside an hour outside of Paris. It is the International Headquarters of the Sufi Way run by Dahan Bakker, Mehera Bakker, and Martine Jesus. Meetings, retreats, and classes in musical meditation are often held here.


West Light

West LightWest Light is the home of the U.S. Headquarters of the Sufi Way in Crestone, Colorado. Here in the high desert country beneath the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, we hold meetings, retreats, and offer individual instruction.



Barrow Castle

Barrow CastleBarrow Castle, in Bath, England, is the beautiful home of the Bath Sufi Centre where Sufi Way and Open Path programs and meetings are often held. Run by Sharif Peter Hawkins and Judy Ryde, Barrow Castle also offers guided and unguided individual retreats. (For information, contact Judy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)


himmelreichOpen Path seminars and retreats frequently take place at Himmelreich near Lake Constance, Lindau, Germany. Himmelreich is a beautiful and gracious retreat center known for its sacred atmosphere.