The Training Ground

The “Training Ground” is the name we use at the present time for continuing open path work with initiates. This is not a codified system of practices and study, but is gauged for each individual according to their request and readiness. For this purpose we use both in-person interviews and telephone contact with the Pir or other guides, the giving of individual practices, meditations, and counseling, and the offering of what are called chillas.

training groundChillas are “sacred tasks” — and they may take from a few minutes to years to accomplish. There is a great range of chilla types, and they are given according to the initiate’s situation at the time. For example, you may be given the chilla to speak with three homeless people on the street, and in those encounters ask them about the dreams they had for their lives when they were young. Or you may be given the chilla to travel alone to a sacred spot somewhere in the world, and wait there until something significant happens for you. Or you may be given the chilla to arrange a solitary retreat for yourself for a month, and be given a series of practices and study to do while there. Or you may be given the chilla to visit a certain person and ask for or offer them something.

Initiates can request a chilla from the Pir or another guide, or they may have one suggested to them. While no given chilla is obligatory, the initiate is asked to consider it seriously and if they reject it, to be clear about why.

There are no fees for initiates connected with any of the work of the Training Ground, and there is no obligation or expectation that initiates engage with any of these Training Ground activities — they are simply available for students if they wish.