Patriarchy's End

O C T O B E R   2 0 1 8

1  In those days it is said that men stood above women, and kept them for their purposes, and used them as they wished. The women bore children and were told of their tasks, and their place was determined for them.

patriarchy end2  And men in that time made ranks amongst themselves, one above another, and made places of power amongst themselves, lesser and greater, and over the women also; and the lands and their fruits were possessed by men, but to the women their place was set.

3  Now it came to pass in those days that a great wind swept across the face of the earth and did not stop. For forty years it blew, and four times forty years, and the trees bowed their heads but did not break, but the minds of men were troubled and their fear was with them.

4  And thus it happened that the women stood and lifted their children to them; they went out of their doors and turned to the wind, for the wind troubled them not, and it was to them a blessing and to their children also, but to the minds of men the wind was a consternation and a grief.

5  In their trouble great multitudes of men gathered unto themselves, even kings and princes, warriors and those that followed them, and they spoke angrily together and built walls against the wind to keep it from them.

6  And it happened that some of that multitude of men looked down and they were ashamed at the anger of the others, and they who were ashamed turned away and went out of the walls and followed after the women, and the wind did not strike them and they were comforted by it.

7  But as for the multitudes of men the wind found them out; it poured through their walls and caught in their eyes; it took their voices from out of their mouths and turned their anger into air.

8  And the wind prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; it swept over the high hills, and even unto the halls of heaven where stood the throne of God the Father.

9  When the Lord God felt the wind touch His face, He withdrew into Himself and there was a great wonderment over heaven and earth.

10  And so it happened when His eyes were opened, the Lord in His wisdom stepped from the throne. He spoke not, but turned to the throne, and took hold of it with His hands, and pulled it from where it stood rooted in the firmament, and amazement came upon the angels.

11  High above His head the Lord lifted the throne. A great hush came upon the heavenly hosts and upon all the creatures of the earth, and the multitudes of men grew quiet, and quit their houses, and they looked up and were unsure.

12  For it happened then that the women sang, into the hush they sang, and their voices rose from the ages. Tender and severe their song touched the hearts of men, and they knelt who heard it.

13  Verily the song of the women reached even unto the heart of the Lord, and made tears come forth, and He wept, and the wind was made wet with His tears.

14  All the earth was washed in that holy rain, and it cleansed the places of men and their hearts also.

15  Thus burst forth the sun upon the earth and its light warmed all that lay beneath. And the Lord cried out and with His might He threw the throne He held aloft into the sun.

16  He came down then from His heaven; the Lord came down and joined the women and He was one of them and could not be seen apart from them.

17  And the multitudes of men stood, and throughout the land without rank they stood together, and they went unto the women who received them. The eyes of the women were tender with their suffering and the men’s likewise, and their gaze was of love.

18  And so it happened that the worlds rejoiced, and the lands were plentiful with the fruits of love, and no one sought to stand one above the other, from that day forever.