The Sufi Way

The Sufi Way is a mystical order dedicated to awakening and friendship.                   

By “awakening” we mean direct recognition of pure awareness, the nameless unity of Being. By “friendship” we mean a warm-hearted embrace toward all — ourselves, our loved ones, our world, and all of creation. Friendship — kindness — is the natural outcome of recognizing our Oneness.              

Sufi Way teachings and practices draw from all traditions in a spirit of respect and creativity. Our heritage is both a classical Sufi lineage and an approach that is current and universal.

We offer programs, retreats, and individual guidance in Europe and North America, and community practice and activities through local centers. Many of our programs are described as the Open Path, signifying a path of natural awareness, humility and freshness that is open to us all.                   .    

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2014 Upcoming Programs

Lecture by Elias at Cortona Week, sponsored by ETH Zürich
Cortona, Italy

Sept. 19-28   Wilderness Quest    Elizabeth Rabia Roberts and Elias Amidon
Rite-of-passage in the canyonlands of southeastern Utah.

Oct. 2-16      Open Path Intensive Retreat    Elias Amidon
Two-week retreat of intensive practice, solitude, and awakening.
West Light and Nada Hermitage, Crestone, Colorado.

Oct. 16-19    Living with Dying    Irène Kaigetsu Bakker Sensei
Four-day residential program at Himmelreich Retreat Center,
Lindau, Germany

Oct. 31-Nov.1   Toward the One   Omar and Suzanne Inayat Khan
Invocation, Zikr, and other experiential/Sufi practices.
The Hague, Netherlands

Nov. 15-16    Doing the Beautiful    Elias Amidon
Two-day retreat towards discovering our own Art of Living a Beautiful Life. Colet House, London

Nov. 18         Nonduality and the Challenges of Everyday Life    Elias Amidon
Evening talk. (More information will be posted soon.)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nov. 19         Doing the Beautiful   Elias Amidon
Evening talk. (More information to come.)
Bergen, Netherlands

Dec. 6-19      Pilgrimage to Konya in Turkey    Kunderke and Karim Noverraz
Twelve-day pilgrimage for the annual celebrations
commemorating the mystical poet Jelaluddin Rumi.