The Sufi Way is a mystical order dedicated to awakening and friendship.                   

By “awakening” we mean direct recognition of pure awareness, the nameless unity of Being. By “friendship” we mean a warm-hearted embrace toward all — ourselves, our loved ones, our world, and all of creation. Friendship — kindness — is the natural outcome of recognizing our Oneness.              

Sufi Way teachings and practices draw from all traditions in a spirit of respect and creativity. Our heritage is both a classical Sufi lineage and an approach that is current and universal.      .

We offer programs, retreats, and individual guidance in Europe and North America, and community practice and activities through local centers. Many of our programs are described as the Open Path, signifying a path of natural awareness, humility and freshness that is open to us all.                   .    

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2014 - 2015 Upcoming Programs

Oct. 19-June 21   Year-Long Teleconference    Eight senior teachers
Bimonthly talks

Dec. 6-19      Pilgrimage to Konya in Turkey    Kunderke and Karim Noverraz
Twelve-day pilgrimage for the annual celebrations
commemorating the mystical poet Jelaluddin Rumi.

Starting Feb. 2015         Open Path Training   Elias Amidon
A nine-month training to introduce you to the direct experience of pure awareness - England and Germany

Feb 28-March 1   Mysticism of Music  Kunderke and Karim Noverraz
A 2-day retreat
Geneva, CH

Aug 18-22   The Way of the Message  A 2015 Summer gathering of the Sufi Way and friendsfriend friends
In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the passing of
Pir-o-Murshid Fazal Inayat-Khan - Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands

Sept 19-Oct 5   Journey to Iran  Kunderke and Karim Noverraz
A 16-day journey to sacred places, full of Poetry, Music and Mysticism