The Book of Flashes

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The Book of Flashes
Pir Elias Amidon



The Book of Flashes is a book for contemplation. On each page there’s a short poem, saying, prayer, or proverb that invites us to be still and listen, as we do when we hear a musical phrase that surprises and deepens our soul. Written over the past five years, this “little jewel-box of a book” contains the essence of Pir Elias’s teachings, offered in the most direct and intimate form.

This special edition of The Book of Flashes is published as a flip-back book with a unique binding allowing it to lay flat. Small enough to fit into your pocket or purse, The Book of Flashes can be a spiritual friend when you need one.


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“I thought the book would end up on my shelf of sacred texts. I'm afraid it will never get there. It's too restless; it keeps hopping around all over the place, opening and closing its wings, attempting little flights; I find it on my table, my bed, warming itself in my pants, for god's sake, or in my coat when I go for a walk, then down on the floor this morning in a flash of gold until vanished again somehow to end up hiding in the driveway on my wife's dashboard, then back to my work bench and, oops, up to her room until snuck back down in the palm of my hand, the pretty little thing, Ah well, it clearly doesn't like being squeezed in tight up there with the other little darlings. No bookends. Just a quiet palm to palm pressing.”    — Pierre Delattre